Panda Events Entertainment has over 20 years of event experience in the industry. Guided by our motto of “Creativity and Pragmatism,” we utilize our broad range of skills and abilities to meet all event difficulties.

From the early to late stages of the event, Panda Events exhibits a professional work attitude incorporated with honesty. Working with us, you will quickly agree that Panda Events is the right fit for your event needs.


Founder · Executive Producer
of panda events

Elaine Ang is the founder of Panda Events Entertainment Sdn Bhd. As a former model and a producer, she has handled hundreds of events as event director and executive producer, such as international film festival, musical, and embassy events. she understands the challenges that the event and production industry face.

Elaine lives by her mantra “ No show should be the same”. Her ability to captivate the audiences through her engaging contents has allowed her to win the hearts of corporate organizations, to engage her to deliver their brand presence at events and productions that are specially tailored for them.


Alvic Tsang

Kenzo Tuan
Head of Operation

Cody Tan
Show Content Strategist

Lucas Yeo
Show Content Strategist

Gary Goh
Graphic Designer

Leon Ng
Head of Photography


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